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Olympiad Rating: 1332
Problem rating: 792
Contribution: 0

Country: RU
Occupation: Other

Problems solved: 205

Semiperimeter Product of areas Max Area
Almost fixed New Cake Sum of Squares
Binary Sum Reverse Product Just Easy Sum
Hold me Tommorow's day Viet said
Point O C Sum Powers of 6
Temirlan's cake Equiangular Hexagon Five Primes
Fractions Functional Eq Permutational Polynomial
Function Minimizing Fibb 5th power equation
Simple expression New FE U turn
Oh-matrix 2020 digit Test
Orthocenter Gineq Numbers ratio
Rational Irrational Rational Polynomial Lin Jumper
Sharp inequality Cubical squares ADAD
Sharingan Not your business Area of triangle
Angle chasing Obtuser Lin's Octagon
Fancy integral Random answer Sum of four
2020 Palindromes Money date One three-digit number
2+1 Base4 Digital Cubes
Simple Altai Sum of digits 2020 Where is my husband
5 instead of 1 Fancy polynomial Sequence
Triangle and Square Quadratic Zeros and Ones
Lin's Numbers Pencils 335577
Tan-Sin Not fibbo Divisibility by 4
Polynomial without 4 All such VNT
Four on a circle Half of Octahedron What a function
Almost squared numbers Sqaure in square Cube Cube Square
Sequenta ADAD (Duplicate) 6-sums
0,1,2 polynomial Not constant Flights
Sum probability Poly Unfair Game
Small triangular numbers Prime Sets Positive product of sums
Relatively prime with 2020 !Fancy grid Product of differences
Triangle in Hexagon Odd divisors Squared fours
Friendly rooks Progressive sequence Odd polynomial
Expanding brackets Tricky sequence Interesting functions
Big set Rooks Math lesson
Lucky numbers Lin does shopping MTMTK System
MathForces Store !Fancy cubic Factorial Factor
Maximum of Minimum Sum of Digits Flip
Weird equation Also palindrome Cool-divisble numbers
Arithmetic derivative Small triangle Special square
Fill the square Discriminant Fancy limit
Fancy meal Friends Playing Solutions on the interval
Too much More dominos Total inversion
Convex triangle D Flags Bools and cows
Tricky polynomial Triangle in hyperbola Number Coloring
Many digits Square multiples of 24 Regular Polygons
Just sequence Parking Bingo!
Equilateral Triangles 6 Apart NRD pair
Novirus Zero sequence Simple sum
First geometry Again these rooks Powered Numbers
Tricky x[x] Exactly two roots
Pentagon Ordered papers Switchers
Weird games Administrative function Daniyar's Friends
Similar polynomials Powered Numbers (Duplicate) Circled
Nice polynomial Friendly Team Cyclic Q
Lin's Game Subsets Collection !Fancy polygon
Infinite game Diameter Polynomial Probability
Odd factors Prime powers Concetric
Cuboid Inverse Sum in Triangle !Fancy FE
Lin the Racoon's Debut !Fancy sequence Smallest number
Air MF Seven eleven Concatenate
Cemicirlces Love Triangle Chords
Monochromatics Revolution Nice Integer
Random numbers Irreducible Fractions Cyclic Areas
Soccer Game Negative roots Independence
Smallest degree Good Order Excirlce
School Clubs Hexagonial Uneven numbers
Difference of squares Four equal angles Unordered triplet
Smallest fraction


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