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Monetary Compensation for Problem Authors

admin | Nov. 12, 2020, 3:38 a.m. | Website News

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Friends, after a long break, we are back with good news! We're bringing back the MathForces Olympiads. In this post, we would like to share two updates.

First of all, starting with MathForces Round 20 we plan to hold at least one Olympiad every month. Due to the fact that the activity at the last Olympiads has dropped significantly, we ask everyone to take part in them (it shows that our work is not useless).

Secondly, from now on we will compensate for the work of the authors of problems for the Olympiads. Since the difficulty of the tasks on the site varies, the monetary compensation will vary. Detailed instructions are given below:

  • To calculate the amount of compensation, take the difficulty of the problem, and divide by 20. This is the amount in dollars that you can receive into your Paypal account. For example, if you have proposed a problem to which the administrators have assigned a difficulty of 400, then you will receive $ 20 compensation.
  • The site administration reserves the right to choose the difficulty level of the sent task. For a rough estimate of the difficulty of your problem, you can always check the problems section.
  • All submitted tasks must be original. In other words, tasks should not be known to anyone other than you (or the writing team).
  • If the problem is approved for any of the Olympiads, the sender cannot participate in it. Also, it is prohibited to disclose the statement of the problem or the answer to it until the end of the Olympiad.
  • To submit a problem, you must send an email to In the subject line, you must indicate the name of the task. In the body of the letter it is necessary to write the statement of the problem in Russian or English using LaTeX. You need to attach one pdf file to the letter with the statement of the problem and a detailed solution in English.
  • If your problem has been approved (which means it will be included in the Olympiad), you will receive a corresponding letter with the details.