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MathForces Round 19: Raccoons

Author: mathforces

Number of participants: 18

Max rating to participate:

Русский язык | English Language

The round will last 2 hours on Sunday, September 20 from 20:00 Astana time (17:00 Moscow time) until 22:00 Astana time (19:00 Moscow time). A total of 5 tasks will be offered. In each problem, you need to enter one answer (non-negative integer number).
  • Everyone can participate in the Olympiad.
  • At any time before the first attempt, you can cancel registration for the Olympiad.
  • To participate in the Olympiad you need to click "Register for the Olympiad" on the page of the Olympiad. Before that, you must log in to your account (and confirm your email)
  • You have 5 attempts to complete each task.
  • Each task weighs from 100 to 2000 points
  • The faster the problem is solved, the less your penalty coefficient for this problem will be, that is, the faster you solve the problem, the more points you will get on it.
  • If the problem is solved correctly, you will be redirected back to the Olympics page and see the rating changes in the "Standings" tab
  • If the problem is solved incorrectly, you will see a notification and the number of remaining attempts will be reduced by one. After the Olympiad, the restriction will disappear.
In the event of a significant drop in page loading speed (due to server load), we will add additional time to the round. For questions, contact telegram chat .
We remind you: the rules for participation in the olympiads are available on the link .