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Rules for participating in olympiads

Русский язык | English Language

Last update: May 14, 2020.

The rules below should be considered as default rules. You will see the appropriate message in case of changing the rules on the certain olympiad.

  • You need to register in the site's system and for the certain olympiad for participating in olympiad's round.
  • There are two available languages for the problems: Russian and English.
  • Each olympiad consists of 5-10 problems.
  • The problem's complexity varies from 100 to 1000 points.
  • Each problem is available at the very beginning of the olympiad.
  • During the competitions the participants may ask questions to the jury and/or administrators via general Telegram-chat according to the Telegram-chat's rules.
  • The participants can use any resources as helping and/or simplification tools.
  • During the competition the participants are prohibited to discuss the problem solutions with others (even with non-participants of the certain olympiad).

Rules for Telegram-chat

Русский язык | English Language

Last update: 14 мая 2020 года.
  • It is prohibited to discriminate or inciting ethnic hatred expressions.
  • It is prohibited to use obscene expressions.
  • It is prohibited to spam and advertise anything without administrator's approval.
  • It is prohibited to discuss the problem solutions. The exception is discussing the recent (no more than 24 hours since the end of the olympiad) olympiad's problems solutions.
  • During the olympiad only those users who have either 1400 points in the overall rating or 1300 points in the olympiad's rating or 150 points in problem's rating may complain about the problem (i.e. asking the jury to review the problem's answer).
  • Everyone can ask the questions about problem conditions. To do this, you need to put "#problem_X" at the beginning of the message, where X is the number of the problem (you can find it in the problem's link:
  • Meaningless questions or questions the answer to which is in the problem's condition will be deleted.
  • For violation of the rules, the user can receive a punishment from a warning to a permanent ban.